Tesla Motors Simulator

Unofficial GTA-like game where you can interact with different vehicles from Tesla Motors. Features:

  • Vehicles: Roadster, Roadster (second generation), Model S, Model X, Model 3, Semi with trailer, Cybertruck.
  • The real test track that's located behind the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.
  • The co-founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has also founded the rocket company SpaceX. You can find the SpaceX Boca Chica Starbase featuring Starship, Super Heavy, and Raptor rocket engines. You can also find a Falcon 9 rocket and the Saturn V that launched us to the Moon.
  • The Not-A-Flamethrower and the boring machine from The Boring Company, which is another project by Elon Musk.


Dude, your game is awesome. I just spent 2 hours in this. Thank you.

I love that you have the Tesla Track on there. I actually used to be one of the Test drivers, and then after I was the lead for that team.

This game is amazing and there are tons of fun stunts to do.

I don't even know if I can call this a game - it's more of an experience.


Play it

Behind the scenes

If you are interested in how game development works behind the scenes, I've uploaded some Tesla Simulator assets to Artstation:

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