Aircraft Carrier Simulator - a Ludum Dare Game

This is a game made during 48 hours for the Ludum Dare competition. Each competition has a theme and the theme this time was "A small world." An aircraft carrier is said to be like a small world where you can find everything from a swimming pool to nukes. This is also true for the latest US aircraft carrier class: Gerald Ford. Here you will command the aircraft operations of such a carrier. The game was made with:



You are in command of this aircraft carrier's aircraft operations. It's your responsibility to steer the aircraft so they can refuel, land, and launch from the catapult so the enemy is not coming closer than zero meters from the aircraft carrier. If the enemy get any closer, you fail! The more aircraft you have in the air, the more difficult it will be for the enemy to come closer.

  • Move a selected aircraft close to where one of the two catapults start to launch it. The catapults are the black-gray lines at the front of the ship
  • Aircraft refuel in the hangar below deck so you need to send them down on one of the two elevators with a light-gray color
  • Refueled aircraft will automatically emerge from the third elevator, which has a black color
  • Aircraft in the air will consume fuel and will crash if they are out of fuel. To land an aircraft, press the "Land aircraft" button and the aircraft with the least amount of fuel will land


Move camera:
Zoom in/out:
IO or Mouse wheel
Select aircraft:
Left Mouse
Deselect aircraft:
Right Mouse
Move aircraft:
Point the mouse where you want it to move to

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