Traffic Light Simulator - a Ludum Dare Game

Have you ever heard the history of traffic lights? The world's first, manually operated gas-lit traffic signal was short lived. Installed in London in December 1868, it exploded less than a month later, injuring or killing its policeman operator. Luckily, mankind has progressed since the 19th century, but what if you were the operator of the now ancient technology: manual traffic lights?



  • Change color of the traffic lights by clicking on them with the Left Mouse Button.
  • If a car has collided it will begin to smoke. To remove the car from the street you have to click on it multiple times with the Left Mouse Button.
  • If a car/human arrives safely to its destination you will get points.
  • If a car/human crashes/dies you will get negative points.
  • If an ambulance arrives to its destination within a certain time you will get extra points.
  • The game ends when you are out of points.
  • The more points you have the more cars and humans will arrive, so you should wait until around score 700 if you think it's too easy.


Move camera:
Zoom in/out:
IO or Mouse wheel
Change traffic light:
Click on the traffic light with Left Mouse
Remove crashed car:
Click on the car several times with Left Mouse to clear the crashed car

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