Tesla Motors Simulator

A simulator where you can interact with different cars from Tesla Motors. But please be careful because Tesla is testdriving cars on their test track and across the parking lot..

I've also made a self-driving Tesla that is finding its way around a maze. You can test it here: Self-driving Car. And if you want to learn more about Tesla Motors you should read my free Elon Musk biography book (available in pdf, epub, mobi).


  • Model S
  • Roadster
  • Model X
  • A Supercharger
  • The real test track that's located behind the Tesla factory in Fremont, California
  • The co-founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has also founded the rocket company SpaceX. Two of the rockets in the background are from SpaceX. The other rocket is the Saturn V that launched us to the Moon


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