Battle of Britain 2 - a Ludum Dare Game

Who said happiness lasts forever? A few weeks after the great war in Europe ended, the aliens attacked. Your job is to defend Great Britain against hordes of green slimy squary attackers. To your help you have the distinguished 75th Royal Fighter Squadron, nicknamed Shapeshifters. During the great war, the Shapeshifters flew their Spitfire planes and shifted the shape of the enemy into dust.

You are the 75th Royal Fighter Squadron's new air traffic controller. You have to direct the planes against the enemy and redirect them back when they are out of ammunition. This is how you do it:

  • Select a plane with left mouse button, and deselect with escape
  • To give the plane a path to follow (it will fly around the latest waypoint if it doesn't have a path), you have to select a plane and then move the mouse (while holding left mouse button) in the same path you want the plane to follow
  • The Spitfire will automatically fire its weapon if it can, so you have to make sure not to make a too curvy path because it can't fire its weapon and turn at the same time. The red sphere moving infront of the plane is the zone where it can hit an alien
  • To refill ammunition, you select the plane and then click on the runway. The plane will fly to the runway, refill its ammunition, and then automatically fly away when it's done
  • The difference between rockets and bullets is that rockets will kill within a larger radius of where they land.
  • The green boxes are the aliens and they are attacking the base. They will damage the base when they stand close to the wall, and you fail when "Base" (top-left-text) has gone down from 100 to 0.


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